Year of Release1985

Fright Night is a 1980s horror film that typified much of the 80’s horror coming out of America at the time. It’s gained a fairly cult following over the passage of time. I don’t mind this film at all but I wouldn’t go so far as to really call it a cult classic myself.

The film itself feels like many of the teenage B grade genre. It treads into comedy territory a little too. It doesn’t really star anyone of particular importance save Amanda Bearse who went on to play Marcy in “Married With Children”. Over all the production values in this are pretty cool and an its quite a watchable movie. The horror effects are pretty decent too without being what I would call flat out gore. Its another one that your more squeamish friends. Even maybe younger teenage kids could watch it without getting scarred for life.

Fright Night as a movie revolves around Charlie who is a typical teenager. Charlie loves his horror movies and his girlfriend Amy. They are about to get intimate for the first time when Charlie notices some strange stuff next door. He concludes that his new next door neighbour is a vampire. Amy hires a washed up old horror actor “Peter Vincent” (Perhaps based on Vincent Price) to help sort this out once and for all. Turns out the guy next door is of course a vampire. It’s now up to Charlie, Amy and Peter to save the neighbourhood and stop the vampires.

Like I said before this movie isn’t anything too serious. It’s good fun and a cool watch and a great one for those lazy sunday afternoons when you’re not in the mood for a full on gore-fest or anything too intellectual.

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