Year of Release2018
DirectorJames Franco
StarringJames Franco, Snoop Dogg, Twin Shadow, Method Man, Lucy Liu and Milla Jovovich.

Future world is not really a horror movie. It’s horrifying in a way that it takes place in a post apocalyptic world ravaged by technology and a rampant virus that has wiped out much of the population. It did hit a little close to home in the current Covid19 environment we find ourselves in.

The plot revolves around Prince, a young man who realises his mother is dying and wants to find a cure for her. He has to travel days across the desert to “Paradise Beach” to find it. Only problem is to get there he has to get past marauding bikers, and the usual post apocalyptic thugs, druggo’s and assorted characters you’d see in a movie like this. Prince does however find a friend in the form of a cute android girl. Together they set out to Paradise Beach.

This movie paints a grim view of the future in a similar way to Mad Max. The levels of violence in this film will make it appeal to many horror fans anyway. I think its a cool movie. Starring Lucy Liu, Milla Jovovich (later on in the movie) and a minor role from Snoop Dogg so it does have some great star power to give this a boost.

Overall Future World was a great watch and I’m glad I watched it. Great break from the usual horror fare (which lets face it sometimes you need that) and defs worth a look for something different.

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