Year of Release
DirectorDario Argento

Giallo is a relatively recent piece of work from acclaimed horror director Dario Argento. The movie opens up with a rogue cab driver (or maybe uber) who is kidnapping pretty young ladies. He takes them back to a secret location to wreak unspeakable horrors on them.

INTERESTING NOTE: Giallo is a term used to refer to a brand of Italian horror / crime /thriller slasher type films that have been popular in Italy for a while at least since the 70’s. This film basically fits perfectly into that genre. Maybe Argento was trying to direct the genre defining flick?

Either way back to the plot of the movie, Linda One of the sisters of a kidnapped models reports her missing sister to the authorites who seem to know something about what is going on. The film then follows the pair as the cop handling the case, Enzo and Linda persue the killer.

This is not a pretty film. There is some graphic violence, enough to rival many horror films. This one seems to fit somewhere between crime and horror. It’s basically every “Giallo” film I’ve seen rolled into one. Not offering anything original at all (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). The major drawcard to this against basically every other of the genre is that it’s better shot thanks to Dario Argento and the modern filming equipment provide a much sharper picture than its 1970’s predecessors.

Overall its a pretty cool watch anyway and if you haven’t seen much in the way of 70s Italian flicks like this this is a cool way to start!

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