Graveyard Shift is yet another in the long line of Stephen King stories put to film. They’ve all been great so far so why not go with another?

The movie itself opens up in a rat-infested cotton mill. One of the workers decides to throw a rat into the mill to get squished. Presumably in the hopes of getting the other rats to leave him alone. It doesn’t work and said worker finds himself thrown into the mill and torn apart in mysterious fashion by some mystery creature. Some time later the main character of the film a drifter named John applies for a job at the same mill.

The job seems dodgy but John takes it up anyway. Of course the rat infestation at the plant becomes a problem for him too. Business as usual for the mill, regardless. Soon another worker is killed by the creature. The plot thickens when a bunch of the workers are asked by the owner/boss of the mill to clean the basement out and they come face to face with what is lurking below the cotton mill.

Over all, this like every other Stephen King adaptation I’ve ever seen is well executed. A well crafted screen play which builds on the quality material King produces. While the gore factor isn’t over the top, the movie itself holds attention well. Everything seems to fit the mood of the story. I have no complaints with this film and would fully recommend it to anyone looking for a good horror movie to watch.

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