Gwar Phallus in Wonderland features our favorate aliens from beyond Uranus. They have been entertaining shocking and offending the world at large for almost 30 years now. They’ve reached a pinnacle of offensiveness with this movie. I remember buying my first Gwar CD over 25 years ago now and I still love them to this day. Beneath the many kilograms of latex each member wears, they are accomplished musicians and masters of the art of their bloody pantomime.


Sadly major creative influence and lead singer of the band, Dave Brockie (who plays Oderus Urungus) passed away a couple of years ago. I’m not sure what kind of output the band will have from here on in. They have played a few shows since but no word on upcoming releases. Gwar Phallus in Wonderland will always stand as a monument to his sick perverted sense of humor. To keep updated on what Gwar are doing make sure you visit their websitefrom time to time

For those unaquainted with GWAR they basically take shock rock to a new level. Picking up where Alice Cooper left off, they take live theatrics to a whole new level of sickness, depravity and hilarity. Bear in mind when watching this Gwar came before Marilyn Manson, Slipknot and Lordi.

The movie Gwar Phallus In wonderland

This is Gwar’s first venture into the world of movies. It is a cheesy, sick, depraved, offensive piece of work. Needless to say I loved it. Their off the wall humour has been offending the world at large in the funniest way for many years now and this is a prime example. For my tastes it is the best in their series of their film works. If you liked the humour in movies such as Brain Dead, Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles this would appeal to you. For those that like heavy metal this will appeal to you. If like me, you like heavy metal, gore and comedy this is a must have.

For those who have some understanding of the band, the plot centres around the disembodied penis of lead singer Oderus Urungus. Said penis goes missing and following are the trials and tribulations involved in reuniting the singer with said body part. Along the way we are treated to violence, bloodshed, religious blasphemy and many litres of miscellaneous bodily excretions. In short, all the good stuff! We are also treated to five of the bands video clips which have been ingeniously worked into the plot of the movie. This movie takes pride of place in my DVD collection and I strongly recommend you check it out on you tube (as I’m sure you have sweet FA chance of finding it in a DVD store).

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