Year of Release1995
DirectorJoe Chappelle
StarringDonald Pleasence, Paul Rudd

Ok it’s that time of the year, which means it’s time for another instalment of what I think could be the greatest horror franchise of all time, Halloween. This time its Halloween 6. The curse of Michael Myers.


This movie opens up in a bizarre occult ritual with some mysterious priests stripping a new born infant away from its mother. The mother is Michael’s Niece Jamie Lloyd. She escapes with the help of a nurse (Involved somehow in the cult) with her baby. The nurse is subsequently killed by Michael, but thankfully Jamie gets away. The scene is set. It’s a wet night, It’s Halloween and Michael is once again on the loose. With a couple of quick kills, the mood is established for another violent instalment of this legendary franchise. Strap yourself in!

The myth of Michael has spread through Haddonfeild. The the town isn’t sure whether he is real or myth, alive or dead. What is even more legendary is that in this 5th movie featuring Michael Myers he has now basically wiped out the entire family save one niece and her newborn. You’d think the guy would let it go but he dusts off and sets off in search of the last remaining relatives to for whatever reason discontinue the family line all together.

Myers finds Jamie hiding out on an old farm. He kills her in typical gruesome fashion but unfortunately for him (But fortunately for us) the baby isn’t there and Michael, though one step closer to wiping out the family still gives us a reason to keep watching. The kid had been stashed in a public rest room but is found by none other than Tommy Doyle, who was the young boy that Laurie Strode was babysitting in the original film. He meets up with Michaels now retired psychologist Loomis and believes that Michael will attack the family that live in the original house now. Why? Well they are family of Laurie’s father, making them Laurie’s Aunty and Uncle.

Tommy Doyle is played by Paul Stephen Rudd, at the time making his second appearance in a film. Mr Rudd did not dig the film and opted to persue a career in comedy. Shortly after he would appear as a guest character in the global hit sitcom “Friends”. Rudd’s career took off from there into an A list actor in his own right.

Does Michael Myers manage to finally wipe out the entire Strode blood-line? Well I guess you’ll have to watch the film to find out!

The verdict on Halloween 6

As with so many of these sequels that keep going on for more than a couple of instalments, it gets harder to keep the plot interesting. Even harder to keep it relevant to what made it great in the first place. Halloween 6 is sadly one of those movies. The movie itself isn’t bad, it’s pretty cool actually. It just doesn’t really live up to the original. But then would anything? The plot line is starting to really stretch any believability the viewer may still hold in this story. At this point the film doesn’t seem to be holding on to any notion that Myers is human. But if he can’t be killed what is point of watching?

I’ll tell you what the point is. The character Michael Myers is now bigger than the movie itself. The fans want more of the original shape. This movie while stretching the story out a little was more than another excuse to give them a little more of the character they love so much. A character I love too. Nothing wrong with that. Michael Myers is a drug and this another fix. And yes, it feels good. You just need to suspend belief a little. Over all this is great fun and not a bad movie at all.

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