Year of Release2001
StarringSir Anthony Hopkins, Julie Moore, Gary Oldman
DirectorRidley Scott
Original Story by:Thomas Harris

Hannibal is a film I’d seen before, but again, so long ago that I couldn’t remember much of it. Anyway was great to be able to relive it again this time as an almost new (to me) movie. Sir Anthony Hopkins is back reprising his role as Hannibal, the lovable but deadly Cannibal and officer Clarice Starling (this time played by Julie Moore) is on his trail again 11 years.


Plot wise this one starts off with Verger, a horribly disfigured but extremely wealthy loner who knew Hannibal many years ago. He invited Hannibal over for dinner in the hopes of seducing him but instead the Dr. put hallucinogenics in his drink and convinced Verger to tear his own face off, which Hannibal then fed to the household dogs. After many years (and skin grafts) Verger still (Undestandable too) holds a grudge and hires assassins to kill the Doctor.

Mean while Starling who is still working for the FBI, is stood down after a Drug raid she was involved in goes wrong. The down time gives her time to persue the case of Hannibal again. She is hoping to bring him in before Verger gets his hands on her.

Hannibal is one of those lovable villains, whom despite doing some absolutely dispicible things to his vicitims you find yourself rooting for him. His victim is really doing the workd a favour by attempting to have him killed but such is the conviction of which Hopkin’s plays the cannibalistic Dr. you just can’t help yourself from siding with him. Does Clarice get to the doctor first or does the Doctor get taken out by Vergers assassin? Well to find that out you’ll have to watch the movie yourself!

Over all this is a really cool film. Is it as good as the original Silence of the Lambs? I have to say no. It’s a good film but not legendary like its predecessor. That out of the way director Ridely Scott has done a pretty good job of this one. The direction and acting is top notch as is the plot and the violence. It’s a worthy follow up in my opinion.

Gore wise there’s some respectable level of violence in this one. There’s also one particularly gut churning scene near the end of the film (dont worry I won’t spoil it) but this film relies on its plot and character development. With that in mind they’ve done a great job and pushed out a great horror movie.

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