Year of Release2017

Happy Death Day is a fun movie. It revolves around college party girl Theresa (the well cute Jessica Rothe) who is kind of a bitch. She is murdered on her birthday but wakes the next day to relive the whole scenario again and again. Kind of like a Groundhog Day kind of revolving door of reality.

In Happy Death Day, like the aforementioned Groundhog day young Theresa has the chance to take a deeper look at her personality and the way she treats people. Hopefully she can come to a realisation whilst she tries to change history and avoid her own death.

Whilst I guess this is a horror movie its really more a teenage college party type movie with a few killings thrown in. In some ways it’s kind of a feel good movie too. This is definitely not something I would call a ‘serious’ horror movie, but sometimes we need to lighten up a little and Happy Death Day is some ways is just the movie to do that with.

Over all, I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say its a classic. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours and just veg out. Judging by the box office a lot of other people really enjoyed it too!

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