The first question on everybody’s minds is “Did they need to remake Hellboy”? For me the answer is a resounding “YES!”. The original Hellboy was pretty cool, but it lacked something in grittiness. This one comes with an “R” rating and the violence and bloodshed I always felt this character needed. This one does not star Ron Pearlman. His replacement does a cool enough job so Pearlman is not missed in my opinion. Hellboy himself is pretty much the same character we know and love, so I’m happy with this.

The movie opens up on 517 AD with the blood queen (Milla Jovovic) terrorizing Britian. She is taken down by King Arthur and dismembered. Her remains spread around in different locations to prevent her resurrection. Fast forward to present day with leading Paranormal Investigator, Hellboy drowning his sorrows in mexico after the loss of his partner Ruiz (in a wrestling match). He is called back to home (USA) and embarks on a mission hunting giants in Britian. Hellboy embarks on the mission with some Templar looking knights and the movie kicks off in great style. The giant killing mission aside, in the background the pieces of the blood queen are being put back together in a bid to take over the world.

Can Hellboy stop the rise of the Blood Queen? Of course I’m not going to tell you the answer to that. Rest assured the answer follows a long and glorious trail of action and violence! This film is a great ride, not constant action but still rather enjoyable. The film is quite well made overall and the horror effects are awesome. The film flows a little disjointedly, but its a cool watch over all. Not a classic by any means but still a cool watch!


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