Year of Release1989
DirectorWilliam A. Levey

Another in the long series of random finds from second hand shops that I’ve frequented, Hellgate was a punt. Not much of a punt as I only paid $1 for it. the movie starts off with a bunch of teenagers at a weekend house or camp or something telling scary stories.

The story proper starts with things going back to the 1950s where a group of bikers in a diner kidnap a pretty young female and skip to the next town of Hellgate. her father in the next town over ties to save the girl, inadvertantly killing his daughter and a couple of the bikers in the process. The movie then reverts to the present time of 1990 with one of the friends on his way to to meet this other friends at the cabin. the movie then shifts back to the mining town of hellgate where a miner discovers a crystal that can mutate animals, and reanimate the dead. He was able to bring back his daughter to entice strangers back to to the town where he would kill them.

Despite how cheesy the story sounds when I recap the plot, it holds together quite well. The special effects are pretty ordinary at best. Some are cool and some are beyond shit. But again somehow the movie holds together and holds the viewers interest. There’s no known actors in this one, but thats cool too. over all this movie went above and beyond my lowest expectations to weigh in at a reasonably solid B grade viewing experience. I have no idea who the directors are, but given a better budget and some known actors, I think they could go somewhere. My advice, if you see this going cheap its a worthy puchase. Dony pay big dollars for it though.

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