Year of Release1997
StarringRutger Hauer
Original Story byHP Lovecraft

Hemoglobin, also known as “Bleeders” is a Strange one. Coming out of Canada, the main thing that attracted me to it was the fact that Rutger Hauer was in it. Since writing this blog I’ve become a big fan of everything I’ve seen him in. He plays a more subdued role as Dr. Marlowe than the other stuff I’ve seen him in so far. The movie itself is pretty good.


This one follows the exploits of a young couple John and Kathleen.  John has a history of blood borne disease which seems to require constant medical attention. Lucky for him he has a substantial trust account. The pair are trying to find out who left it to them and presumably reconnect with their family tree. Their investigations take them to a small island.  The couple cross paths with Dr. Marlowe when John falls ill and requires treatment for his blood condition. Upon investigation, it is found that John may be descendant from Dutch royalty who were based on the island and had basically ruined their bloodline by inbreeding. As investigations progress John starts to feel a ‘bond’ so to speak with the island. But I won’t divulge any more of the plot from there.

This is a creepy story, whilst not huge on the gore (there are some great creature effects and fair level of horror later on in the film) this is definitely an unsettling film in a few regards. Especially the incestuous theme that runs through the plot. I later found out this movie was based on a HP Lovecraft story the Lurking Fear (which I think I’ve read…). I have to admit, I didn’t make the connection until trying to find out a little more information about the film online. 


I think Hemoglobin is a great movie. It is rather well shot and produced as well. It would seem I’m alone on that one as all the reviews I’ve seen tend to pan the movie rather harshly. I feel this film is produced quite well and it held my interest the whole way through. I really can’t fault it in any way. This like every other of the HP Lovecraft based movies I’ve reviewed on here, is well worth seeking out if you can find a copy of it around.

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