Year of Release2011
StarringRutger Hauer

>Holy crap! Hobo with a Shotgun is hard going. It’s  a great film though! Starring Rutger Hauer (Salute of the Jugger) this is a grim portrayal of the not too distant future. A future where gangs have taken over and reduced the city to a cesspool of addiction and poverty. Our protagonist (the Hobo) seems to be the only one prepared to take on the gang ruling the city in a violent and grim one man retaliation.

Our hobo proceeds to wage a one man war on the drug cartels that rule the city. Whilst doing this he makes a valuable friend in a young prostitute. Together the two find a little bit of the paradise they’ve been looking for in each other in a non sexual way of course. This is bloody, gritty and hard look at what could so easily happen in many big cities. The violence and gore is quite contronting in this one. I’d recommend it for hardened violence/gore fiends maybe not for the horror newbie!

I remember seeing Hobo with a Shotgun on the big screen in a double feature alongside Human Centipede 2. I left the cinema feeling like I’d gone a round with Mike Tyson or something. This is cinema noir at its ultimate, black and disturbing. A grim look at what society could well become depending on what turns it takes in the future.

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