Year of Release2011
DirectorScott Spiegel

Hostel 3 opens up fairly calmly at a back packers in Las Vegas. It becomes fairly obvious fairly quickly that something is quite seriously wrong when a back packer sells out an eastern European couple to a crime syndicate who abduct them. The scene then changes to a small batchelor party in making its way into Las Vegas where the movie proper starts.

Things start off in the usual fashion when the lads meet a couple of hotties at the casino and agree to follow them to a ‘creepy’ venue outside the casino. They arrive at what looks to be an abandoned unit complex and find the club. Turns out the club seems fairly legit and the friends party the night away. They wake up the next morning at their hotel, hungover but realise one of the friends haven’t made it back. It’s the asshole of the group, so the viewer doesn’t initially feel as bad for him until it becomes apparant what manner of torture and misfortune is about to befall him. Thus begins one of the more horrific scenes I’ve seen in a movie for a long time.

Things degenerate from there as the remaining three friends begin their quest to find their missing friend. I won’t divulge too much more of the story for fear of ruining it for you, but needless to say this is not an easy one to watch for those new to horror films. The more seasoned horror fan can probably take a reasonable guess as to where things go from there. The violence in Hostel 3 is confronting and brutal. I would even suggest that those new to the horror genre or those a little more sensitive use some discretion when watching this one.


Over all this is a pretty cool film. It’s well put together and the the story line keeps you engrossed, and on the edge of your seat the whole way through. Even though this is the third instalment in the series I don’t feel like you need to watch the other films to be able to appreciate this one. If you have seen the first one at least you’ll know what kind of horrors you’re in for!

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