Year of Release1985
DirectorSteve Miner

One of the cooler things about watching movies like House and writing this blog is that I get to revisit movies that I saw in my adolescence and view them again them as a fully grown adult heading straight into middle age. Again this is one of those movies that I had seen but could barely remember, so it was great to refresh the old grey matter and give it another go.

It follows the story of a writer, Cobb (suffering writers block) that moves into his Aunty’s house after she is found hanging in the attic. Mr. Cobb has a special attachment to the house having grown up there after the death of his mother he was raised in the house by said Aunty. It was also the scene of the dissappearance of his child and resulting breakdown in marriage. His Aunty always maintained the house was haunted, but was of course written off as a demented old bat. Of course bit by bit Cobb realizes that the old lady might have been right.

Over all I think this is a great film, well executed and the acting is great. It maintains the viewers interest from start to finish, no major plot holes either. There is some level of gore in the film but it is far from over the top meaning again it is probably cool to watch with children (say 12 yrs and up) depending on how easily scared they are. The horror effects still hold up reasonably well in my opinion but are never over the top or cheesy. The same cannot be said for the gloriously 80’s fashion sense on display :). Overall a pretty cool film and defs worth a watch!

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