Year of Release1993
DirectorBrian Yunza
StarringJeffrey Combs

HP Lovecrafts Necronomicon is one I’d been searching for ages now! I was thrilled to get myself a copy on VHS (I’ve had a lot fun of late re-visiting old horror movies on this format). I’d rented this one as a teenager back in the day from the corner video store and have fond (But hazy) memories of it. I was equal parts excited to see it again and to see how it shaped up versus my memory of it.

THis movie is infact three short stories tied together by the common theme of the necronomicon. the movie opens with Jeff Coombes playing HP Lovecraft doing some research on the fabled Necronomicon. he visits an order of priests who are said to have a copy of the book. HP nabs a set of keys off the monk and removes the book from a safe and starts taking notes.


The Drowned is where the first of three stories within this story start. The first one is about an old house being transferred as an inheritance deal down to a relative. It had been laying dormant for 60 years. The story then flashes back to the story behind the original family dying. The surviving father then uses the necronomicon to bring his family back from the dead. Of course it doesn’t all go to plan. Its a pretty cool mini story which is hard to go into in any real depth without ruining the story.


The second story, The Cold revolves around Dr Richard Madden . He rents a room out to a young lady. Unfortunatley her abusive step father finds her and attacks her. Madden steps in to help and the step father falls down the stairs and dies. Madden has a skin disease which means he needs the house to be kept at very cold temperatures. Richard is also conducting experiments to prolong his own life. Gory, murderous experiments.


The third part of this involves “the Butcher”. A pair of police are injured on a case and the male cop is dragged off from the car wreck in mysterious circumstances. His partner, a pretty young cop (who co-incidently is pregnant with his baby) searches for him in a nearby building. She gets some “help” from a strange old man who informes her its “Butcher”. The cop and old guy go searching below the building is some strange other worldly catacombs.


All three of these stories in HP Lovecrafts Necronomicon are great. They captivate the viewer and ignite the imagination. Also the gore is absolutely top shelf! I’m glad to report the movie held up even better than I had remembered it as a teenager! This makes me happy!

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