Well, Inbred was one fucked up movie. No other way to describe it. Director Alex Chandon was known to me as the director from the Cradle of Filth inspired move “Cradle of Fear” so I had an inking this would be a gritty film.

I consider myself a seasoned viewer of many horror films so generally speaking I’m pretty hard to offend. This one definitely had me asking myself “What is this guys problem?” The gore is over the top and sadistically brutal. Not for the horror novice or the easily offended.

Plot wise this one is fairly similar to “the hills have eyes” except instead of a nuclear family, its a group of young offenders who get stuck out in the country and fall victim to a group of inbred country siders. Complete with deformities and and cannibalistic traits as many of the american counter parts to this story line. The fact its english, the nice country side and pommie accents really does provide a breath of fresh air into what can be a stale genre at times.

the kids and their chaperones go in for a drink at the typically english pub, and fall victim to the charms of the pub owner and stay the night. A decision they will regret. One by one the inbred locals pick off the group in the most violent ways possible.


The acting is cool enough. The killings are fiendishly creative. They are also exceedingly violent. Like I said before this is for seasoned horror vets. Inbred got almost universally panned by critics (no doubt due to the excessive violence) but I think its a pretty cool film. By no means a classic. But if you have the stomach for this stuff I’d recommend you watch it.

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