Year of Release
StarringTara Reid

Ok, Incubus is one movie I didn’t even know that I had in my collection. I have to say as a cover it didn’t stand out, but I couldn’t think of anything else to watch, so why not give it a go? Plus, it had Tara Reid and lets face it, she’s kind of cute!

The film itself (after an opening sequence) starts off with the tried and tested formula of the car load of teenagers stuck in the countryside. They wander a little and find what they assume to be an old deserted warehouse. Nothing original here so far. So of course they decide to seek refuge there.

Of course the teenagers wander around the ‘desserted’ compound and find some grizzly murders. From here on in the tension starts to mount as the teens try to figure out exactly what happened there. Further investigation reveals a body hooked up to a life support breathing but showing no signs of consciousness. It turns out the body is an incubus that can control other peoples minds thoughts and bodies and turns the teenagers against each other

Honestly, I don’t find anything ground breaking in this movie. Its cool enough for what it is, a quiet way to spend a nights viewing but I don’t personally think It goes anything beyond that. Some quite reasonable gore levels and everything is nicely shot, so the movie itself is quite watchable too!

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