Year of Release2009
DirectorKyle Rankin

Well, this was a nice bit of fun! I have to admit I didn’t expect too much from Infestation, the cover looked cheap and no known actors didn’t fill me with confidence. BUT it had been sitting at the bottom of my DVD collection for a while so I thought I may as well give it a spin and see what happens.

the plot revolves around young xxxx who is struggling to get and keep a real job. He wakes up at some telemarketing job covered in cobwebs wondering WTF just happened. Like the good lad he his he searches for work mates and frees them too. After they all come to, they realise their city has been taken over by giant killer bugs.

One thing I have to say about this movie, is that the bugs look killer. Whoever did this, did rather well on what I assume was a pretty small budget. This film was always going to be B grade, but its B grade gold! If you just want a film that’s fun with some great bugs this is it! For what its worth the acting is good enough to get it over line, couple of good looking females, a romantic subplot, you really just can’t ask for much better in a creature feature. Besides the bugs theres some great horror effects where this movie really levels up!

The gore levels in this this are quite respectable but not over the top, you could watch this with teenagers or those not used to horror.

Anyway, Infestation is well worth watching. Its good fun and I’m glad I took the punt on this film! If you see this going cheap (and I’m sure you will) defs pick it up and give it a go!

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