Year of Release1981
DirectorNorman J Warren

Inseminoid, as the title and cover art on the box suggests is a cross over science fiction / horror movie. I had been keen to check out this movie for a while but never found a copy. I was rather happy to finally track down myself one for myself and jam it in the old DVD Player.

The Plot itself revolves around a group of scientists from sometime in the not too distant future. They have found a planet which had once hosted life. The scientists discover a strange crystalline substance which explodes and apparently infects one of the scientists. He then looses his mind and starts attacking fellow scientists.

The other scientists then start investigating the crystal in the hopes of finding out what could have caused this attack. Two more scientists are attacked by a being on the planet one is killed and the female scientist. Sandy is impregnated by an alien device. Sandy(the mother to be) then goes on a violent, murderous rampage and starts killing the space exploration team one by one. Can she be stopped? Well, I guess you have to see the film to find out!Generally speaking Inseminoid (Whilst shot on a budget) is pretty cool. It’s not too hard to watch. I will say there’s some hammy dialogue / acting to contend with though. Some might consider it a B Grade film, but I’d rate it as a little better than that. I have to admit when buying this DVD I was looking forward to little more gore than the “R” rating suggested. Other than that no real complaints about this film.

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