I have never seen the original Jeepers Creepers. It’s one of those movies that I keep seeing around to the point where it got under my skin a little and eventually I succumbed and bought Jeepers Creepers 2 due to a combination of the DVD being dirt cheap, and myself being bored shitless enough to take a punt on this one.


LIke I said before, I haven’t seen the original Jeepers Creepers so I was going into this a little blind. I’m prepared to give the film some slack for that fact. I don’t think you need to have seen the original to follow whats going on here though.

It all starts off on a mid western American Corn Farm. The Creeper is back to feed on humans. A family is getting ready for harvest and putting up their scarecrows. It would appear the creeper has taken the form of a scarecrow. Their young son Billy gets abducted by a mysterious winged creature. Next we cut to a busload of teenagers that get stranded on a school bus nearby when they suffer a blowout. Upon further inspection it becomes apparent the blow out was caused by a tool / weapon made of bone crafted to cause damage. Anyway they get the bus going and head off only to get another blowout caused by the scarecrow and his “Bone star” again.

The bus load of teenagers are stuck again and they stand around outside the bus. The strange winged creature that kidnapped the kid earlier in the film sticks again and kidnaps their coach. It would appear the creature is going to pick off the teens one by one. The Creeper is hungry and wants to feed. It started off as a fairly standard “teens get stranded” type thing, but I have to say this is quite an original twist.

Then to make matters worse, the creepy looking scarecrow dude starts hanging round the bus and freaking the remaining teens out.  Is he half bat? Is he the winged creature or a scare crow? The teens couldn’t work it out. This is where the film became a little disjointed for my liking if you haven’t seen the first installment.


I won’t spoil the plot but lets just  say I’m glad I found this one for only $2.  Its not the worst movie ever but far from the greatest. The shame about this film is that some of the CGI effects are actually pretty cool. It makes me think someone put some reasonable money into this film. Equally perplexing it apparently grossed $63 million worldwide.

Judge for yourself. I didn’t like this the first time I saw it (Almost 8 years ago). I’m not going to say I really like it now, but in the mean time I’ve seen some real stinkers. So maybe that pushed this one up a little in my esteem meter, so to speak. Not an absolute waste of time but don’t spend big dollars on this DVD. Still rated as a boredom buster at best. One of those movies you can turn your brain off a little to.

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