Year of Release2009
StarringMegan Fox, Amanda Seyfried

To be honest Jennifers Body was another punt as I saw it going cheap. It looked like cheap throw away horror. But, as is so often the case with buying movies on spec, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this one as well.


Jennifer is the teenage star of the film played by Megan Fox (who is an obvious drawcard for the movie). She is the most popular girl in school and decides to take her long suffering bestie Anita (cruelly referred to as ‘needy’) to a gig by the indy rock band “Low Shoulder”. A fire breaks out at the pub they were attending and whilst many are burnt / injured / dead the pair get out alive. Jennifer not content with that decides to ditch her friend and spend the night with the band.

Jennifer then becomes the subject of a satanic ritual in which a virgin is to be sacrificed. This is for the sake of the bands future success, of course. However Jennifer is far from a virgin and the ritual goes wrong. Jennifer is possessed by a demon and starts killing her friends. It’s then up to Anita to figure out how to stop this.


Overall I quite liked Jennifers Body. The horror effects are really good and the movie moves along at a decent pace. Megan Fox of course looks hot, probably half the reason I gave this one a chance. Hot enough that even if you don’t really like the movie that much, there’s a good chance you’ll keep watching.  Amanda Seyfried as Anita really plays her part well too. Again the movie isn’t too much of a thinker.  It’s one  you can watch with friends over a few drinks and not loose the flow of the movie if you get interrupted.

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