Year of Release1988
DirectorKen Russell
StarringHugh Grant
Original story byBram Stoker

Lair of the White Worm really is a bit of cheese. It is rooted firmly in the B grade subsection of horror. However it was responsible for providing well known english actor Hugh Grant with his first role.

Like every other movie Hugh Grant has been in he basically plays himself. He doesn’t do a bad job though I have to say. Lair of the White Worm is apprarantly a Bram Stoker creation and adapted to film. It is certainly Dracula’s poorer cousin. The Film revolves around Angus who finds a skull buried within a farms grounds. He thinks it might be a dinosaur but it turns out to be a giant snake skull. Further archealogical digging reveals the hidden enterance to hidden underground tomb. He goes to a party and the lady of the mansion they attended for the party steals the skull and uses it (and one of the local girls) as a sacrifice to their snake god, the white worm which locals believe lurks under the town.

This is a typically English film, if you like the hammer films you might like this one too. Its got some real budget special effects and a nudity to spice things up a bit too but really at the end of the day this one is just one of those releases that its cool to own but really not something you can watch over and over again.

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