Year of Release2005

Last rites is an interesting movie. Not to be confused with the many other movies also called “last rites”. This one is another zombie movie that as just a zombie movie doesn’t add anything much to the genre. But it does have one interesting angle. It’s kind of like an “Urban Zombie Flick”.

Last rites is set in gang territory, Los Angeles amidst the back drop of a drug deal going down with a middle man who is selling drugs to both the black and latino gangs. The cops find about the deal going down and stake out the deserted warehouse in the hopes of taking some dealers off the streets. Right in the middle of this the zombie infection starts to take its hold and the police, gangs and dealer all have much more serious issues to take care of.

The movie sits somewhere between your usual zombie flick and an urban flick like ‘boyz n the hood’. I think it’s a refreshing change of pace. The action moves along nicely and even though some of the zombie effects look a little lame, it doesn’t take away from the film to any major degree.

Last Rites is not a classic by any stretch. It is however a decent watch. It’s fun to watch so if you see it going cheap, pick it up. If you’re paying full price, buy something else.

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