Ok, so this is another one that wouldn’t strictly be classed as a horror film. Legend is aimed at the fantasy crowd, and probably even the pre-teen movie fan. Despite this it has some rather dark imagery and some rather cool creature effects. It brings to mind the works of the late great Jim Henson but with a darker feel. After watching this I’m not sure I’d let a young child watch this one unless they’ve seen a couple of horror films before this. Legend has some rather impressive star power with a young Tom Cruise as the hero, The Stunning Mia Sara as the princess, and Tim Curry as the Lord of Darkness.

Anyway on to the plot. The “Lord of Darkness” is sitting in his castle wondering how he can extinguish good-ness and hope forever thus plunging the world into perpetual darkness. His idea to bring this about involves killing all the remaining unicorns. Sounds far fetched, and it is, but in the context of the movie, I have to say this really works. Anyway a bunch of orcs or goblins (or whatever they are) go on the hunt for unicorns to slay. In a sub-plot Jack (Tom cruise) and Lilly (Mia Sara) meet in the same forest and of course Jack is instantly taken by Lilly. Anyway some unicorns are killed by the goblins (yes, they are goblins) and their fantasy garden land becomes an icy wasteland.

Can, Jack and Lilly save the unicorns (and the world as a result)? can Jack win Lilly’s love? I guess you’ll just have to watch the film to find out!

The Verdict

As a movie this is visually stunning. Director Ridley Scott (Alien) has done a great job. The plot moves along well, and the scenery and worlds created in this film are nothing short of magic. The dialogue is old worldly and poetic in delivery. besides our goblins, there’s elves, fairies and some rather cool creatures of unspecified origin. I don’t have enough good things to say about this film. Its just one of those films you’ll have to watch for yourself and enjoy! If the kids can handle it, they’ll love it!

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