Year of Release1986
DirectorFrank Oz
StarringRick Moranis, Steve Martin

This is the 80’s version of Little Shop of Horrors starring Rick Moranis, I recently went back and watched the original from the 50’s and while it wasn’t particularly worse than other movies from the era, it left me rather underwhelmed.

This one however is a different story… its vibrant, funny and interesting… and a musical. Its hardly a gore-fest but I do have to say its a great watch and a heap of fun. The music is firmly “rooted” (excuse the pun) in 50’s rock n roll but suits the vibe of the film perfectly.

The film if you don’t know revolves around a failing flower/plant shop that’s just about to go out of business when flower shop worker, Seymour (Moranis) finds a rare breed of flower that starts attracting customers into the shop. Only problem is that it feeds on… wait for it… BLOOD! As the town gets word of the strange flower the traffic to the shop grows, and so does the plants appetite.

There’s a bit more to the plot of Little Shop of Horrors than that but really it doesn’t matter, this is just good simple musical fun. Switch off the brain and enjoy the film and the tunes!

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