Year of Release1977
DirectorRuggero Deodato

Directed by Ruggero Deodato (Later responsible for bringing us all Cannibal Holocaust) Lost Cannibal World aslo known Ultimo Mondo Cannibale follows the misfortunes of a gro.up of prospectors who’s plane goes down in the jungle. Not sure exactly where they went down (possibly Indonesia / PNG / Phillipinnes) but either way they find themselves in a world of pain when they realise they’ve gone down in a jungle inhabited by cannibals. The groups pilot and assistant are killed by natives and remaining members are caputured by natives.

The gore you’d expect from the creator of Cannibal Holocaust is all too present in some horrific scenes, tho not as intense as Cannibal Holocaust …. Again it’s not for the faint of heart or those offended by nudity.

Shot in the same style of the Cannibal movies at the time this is raw and confronting and the gore is very realistic. All in all a cool watch and is more or less a precursor to the Cannibal Holocaust movie, and has a very similar feel, and would appeal to the same crowd of people.

Someone has been kind enough to upload Lost Cannibal World onto Youtube so for your viewing pleasure here’s the full version! For more great horror movies be sure to check out https://www.gorenography.com on a regular basis!