Year of Release2002
StarringDanny Trejo

Night stalker is another of a growing pile of movies I bought real cheap from flea markets on a punt. This time like at least 60% of the time the punt paid off. My copy came from a video rental store so it had stickers over the name of one of my favourate actors, Danny Trejo. Imagine my suprise when he popped up in the movie!

The 2002 made film, Night Stalker follows the exploits of 1980’s serial killer Richard Ramirez who of a night takes a turn for the worse. After injesting crack he prowls the street looking for women to mutilate and kill.

There is an odd filming style at the start of the film, but it fits nicely and makes the film start off with more of a frenetic feel. Danny Trejo is obviously a bit younger than we’ve seen him in later films but it was great to see him in the film as a cop. His on screen partner the unknown but extremely cute Roselyn Sanchez is rather easy on the eyes, which doesn’t hurt the film on bit.

Over all I have to say the film isn’t anything special at all. It kind of plays out like a standard issue cop film or an episode of ncis. Its not bad, but again unless you’re a massive Trejo fan this ones really only worth getting if you see it cheap somewhere.

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