Nothing Left To Fear

I have to admit the major reason my curiousity in Nothing Left to Fear was piqued was the fact that guitar playing legend, and horror movie afficionado Slash was billed with production credits. He was apparently responsible for the soundtrack too.


The film itself revolves around Dan and his young family. They have moved to the country town of Stull in order for Dan to take up the position of preacher / pastor to the town ship. All seems innocent enough.

The older of the 3 children Rebecca (played by the unknown but extremely cute Rebekah Brandes) befriends a local boy, Noah who starts showing her around town. Rebecca doesn’t mind Noah but thinks something is weird. Between the locals and strange dreams she’s having things are certainly staring to look that way. A few days later at the town fair it looks like things are starting to go alright. Then younger sister Mary is kidnapped and used in a strange blood ritual. She is infected by an evil entity.


I wont go too far into the plot beyond that but overall this is a cool enough film. It’s well shot and well executed. Everything does flow rather well. It does start out a little slow I have to admit. I could see that turning off some of the hardened gore-fiends that read this, but starts to heat up a little way into it. It’s one of those ones you have to stick with a little bit. This is more of a supernatural thriller with a horror edge to it. In my opinion this is still very much worth seeing (despite the panning it copped at the hands of reviewers I’ve seen). You do have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy Nothing Left to Fear.

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