Year of Release2007


Paranormal Activity centres in on couple Katie and Micha who have been experiencing ‘something not quite right’ with the house they are in. Is it haunted? Possessed? The couple aren’t overly worried at this point.

Katie has has experienced some level of supernatural activity much of her life from childhood onwards. Really, it’s just the odd ‘clunky’ noise and things moving in the night. Later on, the couple decide to investigate what is going in in their house, Micha decides to start recording the goings on in the house via and old video camera. Of course bit by bit stuff starts getting weirder. Micha who is new to the whole paranormal thing thinks its all fun and games, but Katie starts to think maybe they are pushing whatever is in their house too far. Especially when Micha starts messing with an ouija board.


Paranormal Activity is a rather well played out movie shot in the ‘found footage’ style of film that had become a bit of a thing at the time. There’s no real level of gore in this film. It is, however a well made, captivating and riveting watch the whole way through. This will hit you a psychological level if you’ve ever experienced things going bump in the night. Nothing in this film comes across to me as contrived or cheesy. Katie is super-cute too which makes the viewing rather easy on the eyes as well.

EDIT: This movie really impressed me! As a side note, I decided to do some research on the film and it turns out (well, according to wikipedia) that this was the most profitable film ever made when based on a costs v return ratio. The film cost virtually nothing to make yet made a huge impact at the box office. It proves to me that one person can do a lot with a shoe-string budget and only 7 days to work with. Mr Peli, My hat comes off to you, you have created a masterpeice!

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