Year of Release1986
DirectorBrian Gibson

Poltergeist 2 was always going to have a hard time following on from the original. Poltergeist set a very high standard in my opinion. This installment follows on from the original with what looks like a years slip time and the origianl family once again feature with most of the actors returning for this sequel. The family have not been able to recover either emotionally or financially. They’ve had to move into their grandmothers place.

Some bizzare stuff starts to happen around the house and their grandmother dies (of natural causes), it becomes clear the family is in for another rough ride. A rather learned looking native indian visits the family and informs them that the evil has followed them, there is no point running. The family are left to go toe to toe with the evil that inhabited the first house. Obviously I’ll let you guys watch the film from there to figure out what happens!

I thought Poltergeist 2 was pretty cool as a movie. Not quite as good as the first one but a fairly reasonable follow up. It won some accolades for the special effects contained within but personally i didn’t really see how it was better (or even on par) with the original, but maybe im looking back with rose coloured glasses on that point.

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