Year of Release2006
DirectorLloyd Kaufman

Poultrygeist is one of the most disgusting, off colour and juvenile films i’ve ever seen. Needless to say I loved it. Poultrygeist, as you might have guessed from the title alone was brought to us from the good folk at Troma. I have to say I’ve not been a fan of many of the Troma films (with the exception of the Toxic Avenger films) but this one reaches a new level of filth and depravity which I actually find admirable.

Plot wise, this one is basically about a fast food shop serving chicken that opens up on an ancient indian burial ground. Despite the protests from the locals the shop opens up for business anyway. A possessed egg makes its way into food shop and bit by bit people are dying in gruesome but hilarious fashion. There’s a bit of a subplot with our hero, a nerdy young man trying to win back the love of his life whilst working in the chicken shop. Of course in true Troma style the love of his life has left for college, become a lesbian environmental activist and protests the opening of the store. Fate of course intervenes and the pair become trapped in the fast food outlet fighting for their lives against the zombie chicken uprising. Can our young lovers get out of this situation alive and stop the zombie chicken apocalypse? Of course you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!


Poultrygiest is pure B grade Troma Crap. It’s so B Grade that it actually becomes brilliant. This isn’t stuff to be taken seriously but the gore is pretty cool and the humour is so disgusting that its hilarious. This film isn’t for the light hearted theres some offensive jokes, lots of female nudity and over the top gore. Lots of racist jokes too, which I guess is acceptable as the producers are Jewish. In terms of offensiveness, this is the next level of depravity after the Toxic Avenger.

I’m not sure if there’s a bit of a lesson in this film for all of us meat eaters either. Pay attention to the way the zombie chickens kill off the humans in the second half of the film. Is the Troma team trying to make a statement? I don’t want to attribute any intelligence to this film that isn’t there, but it’s quite possible. Intended or unintended moralising aside, I really enjoyed this one but again, its not one for the easily offended.

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