This is the Sequel to one of the greatest horror movies ever. Alfred Hitchcock was a master at his art and Psycho 2 was never going to be an easy one to live up to. Director Richard Franklin does a superlative job! This one sees Anthony Perkins return to his most famous role as Norman Bates.


The movie is set 23 years after the original film where Norman has served his time in a mental home and has been granted his freedom back. Obviously there’s relatives of of the young lady who he killed still angry and upset about the events that took place and those parties DO NOT want Bates to be a free man again. Never the less Bates is granted his freedom and commences a job at a local diner.

The plot really starts to thicken when Bates takes over his mothers old hotel. He kicks out the old caretaker and starts a fresh. (Interesting note: the old caretaker is Dennis Franz AKA Sipowitz from LA PD). Anyway after this, This is where the plot gets a little complex so its hard to talk about this without ruining the movie for you.

Needless to say this is where it starts getting complicated. People start dying at the hotel and local constabulary get involved. The question is of course asked if Bates has actually changed his ways or is he still infact, Psycho? Either way you’ll have a great time finding out!


Perkins does a fantastic job of bringing back to life Norman Bates. Perkins does not look 23 years older than the last time he played bates I have to say. Either way its great to see him back on the screen. This is one of those performances where you might say he played the part almost too well for me to want to spend any time in a room alone with him. Content wise there is nothing too extreme. The film relies on atmosphere, dialogue and cinematography to get the point acrross. There is some blood which means it’s a step up in that regard from the original. I find it to be a nice continuation of the spirit of the original film.

Overall Psycho 2 is a very worthy sequel to the original. I thoroughly enjoyed it. All I can do is recommend you check this one out and give it a chance with an open mind. Its a great film and a great time.

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