Year of Release2008
DirectorJohn Erick Dowdle

Quarantine is a horror film I’d heard of a couple of times but never taken the time to check it out. Turns out it was quite a worthy film and I’m glad I managed to catch this one!

The film itself revolves around Angela, a young journalist and cameraman who tag along for a ride along with the fire dept. Someone has called the fire dept after hearing some screaming coming from an elderly lady’s apartment. Upon investigation the elderly lady attacks a policeman and takes a huge bite out of his neck… You guessed it, zombie infection. obviously the police and the fire department have never seen anything like this and they struggle to grasp the reality of what is going on around them. How far has the infection spread and how do they stop them and more importantly how do they survive themselves? Obviously thats something i’ll have to leave with you guys to find out for yourselves!

Overall quarantine is a pretty solid film. I think there’s some good plot development. A better film than a lot of the stuff I’ve been seeing recently so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. The acting is great and its quite well produced. A lot of footage is shot through the lense of the camera man following the reporter around so it can seem a little shaky or disjointed but I think it adds to the overall atmosphere. I would recommend you see this film!

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