Year of Release2002
StarringMilla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez

It surprises me that that Resident Evil is actually this old. But come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.  I decided to chuck it back in the DVD player and give it another spin! This is hardly an intellectual experience or a particularly complicated plot (sure there’s few twists). It is, however a hell of a good ride and a great excuse to just let go and sit back and watch the colours and explosions happen across the screen.

Milla Jovovich is rather easy on the eyes. The same can be said about co-star Michelle Rodriguez. The two of them play rather similar roles to everything else I’ve seen them in, so no real stretching for either of them here.


I’m not a big gamer and never played this one so I have no idea how closely this one followed the plot of the game. As a movie, the plot, set in the not too distant future, revolves around an underground research facility owned by mega corporation “Umbrella corp”. Umbrella have been working on a biological weapon called a “T-Virus”. It escapes through the aircon contaminating the research facility and turning everyone in it into zombies. Alice (Milla Jovovich) and team of mercenaries / operatives are charged with figuring out what’s going on down there. This of course lends itself to an array of cool zombies, violence, action moves by Milla and toughness from Michelle Rodrigues. The effects are really cool. There was obviously a fair bit of cash thrown into this one and it shows. Its quite visually spectacular and rather enjoyable!


Resident Evil was obviously intended to cash in big time at the box office and that it did! The gore content is not too full on so you can watch it with your non gore-obsessed friends but there’s enough of it to keep it interesting. The action is always faced paced and entertaining! Definitely a fun watch!

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