Resident Evil Damnation is a strange one. I do love a good zombie film. This one however, is not so much a a movie in the conventional sense of the word but a computer Generated CG motion picture. The second of three of these types of films in the franchise. Created in much the same way a computer game would be created, I imagine. There in lies the problem I guess. I don’t play computer games. Much less do I want to watch them. To be fair though, Resident Evil was created as a video game and adapted to be a movie later on. Maybe it’s a return to roots?

For what its worth the plot seems alright. The plot follows an American operative, Leon who sneaks into Eastern block Europe. He’s trying to find out if they, presumably the Russians are using a new kind of bio weapon. What he finds is another world of mutated monsters and undead zombies. The monsters have destroyed the city and it doesn’t look like anyone can keep them under control.


The use of CG has some advantages. There’s some cool monsters which could only be created digitally. The action is fast and the horror effects (graphics) are top notch. Once you start getting involved in the film the CG factor didn’t bug me as much. There’s some gore scenes which would not have been possible in a conventional movie (especially the throat crawler about half an our in) so that does add some big points to this venture into the franchise.

I have no idea if this style of movie will become popular, but after some adjustment, its not that bad. It’s just Resident Evil Damnation is not that good either. Its also the first one of the series I’ve seen to not feature Mila Jovovich, which is a shame. My opinion, sit back enjoy the ride and the graphics. There’s not a lot to think about here but if you get in with the right attitude it’s a reasonable watch. And something different.

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