Year of Release1979
DirectorTobe Hooper
Originally Written byStephen King

Salems Lot is an interesting one. I have to say this is a pretty cool film, though it doesn’t contain a lot of actual gore. Directed by Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw massacre and Potergiest fame) and based on the 1975 novel of the same name by Stephen King. If you’re in the frame of mind to sit around for a 2.5 hours this one can pay dividends. I would, however say that I think the film could have been shortened a little to keep the viewers attention.

The film itself has an amazing pedigree of writing and directing talent. You know its never going to be a waste of time. I’ve enjoyed everything in the King universe and this was no exception.

Salems Lot revolves around a writer Ben Mears who arrives at the small country town of Salems Lot in order to write his next novel. He attempts to rent a big abandoned house that he feels hopes a deeper mystery. Unfortunately the house had just sold before Mears got there and he has to stay at a hotel. The usual assortment of country town characters are here, an old antique dealer that reminds of me Vincent Price. What are the mysteries that Mears uncovers in the quiet country town? Well basically you have to watch the film to find out more but if you can spare the 2.5 hours its quite worthwhile.

This is not one of Kings more violent or horrific tales but like I said earlier it is a great tale but it can feel a little tedious. The only thing I can really say is give it a chance and hopefully you like it!

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