Year of Release2000
DirectorKeenen Ivory Wayans
StarringCarmen Electra, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans

Well here we go for a little bit of mindless fun with Scary Movie. Produced by the Wayan brothers in 2000, you know this is going to be stupid. There’s stupid and then there’s stupid. This falls so far beyond B grade that its actually pretty goddamn funny if you can let loose for a little while this is actually pretty funny. In fact its kind of like a well produced Troma film.

Basically it’s a parody of the the Wes Craven movie scream, which was a parody of a whole bunch of horror films. So you have a parody of a parody. There’s pretty much no point in covering the plot of this as its just really a retarded cousin of a rerun to Scream. The movie also seems to take the piss out of a lot of films tied in together (Like “I know what you did Last Summer”).

Lots of smutty / weed jokes and off colour humour, and bad acting litter this film. If like me you spend a large portion of your life with your mind in the gutter you might like this film. From the start, its pretty bloody funny (at least for the first bit of the film). I’m usually a fan of base grade humour but I have to say this did get a little tiresome towards the half way mark.


Scary Movie would have been pretty cool if they upped the gore content, or at least imjected some gratituous female nudity. I know they’re going for a bigger (possibly stoned or retarded) audience but the humour alone doesn’t carry this. Thats just my opinion. Overall I’d say its worth a watch if you need a break from “real” horror films / or bored shitless for some reason. It doesn’t really offer anything else but smutty jokes for horror fans. There must be an audience for this stuff as there was a reasonable box office take up and another 5 sequels to this. If you’re really into the comedy / spoof thing I guess this could be good. Don’t pay big dollars for this as its not really the kind of thing you can watch over and over. In fact you’re doing pretty good if you can even get through it once.