Year of Release2009
DirectorSheldon Wilson
StarringLance Henricksen

I’d never seen or heard much about Screamers The hunting before. I know there was an original film from 1995 but this is the 2008 sequel to that. I don’t normally like to watch films out of sequence, but I have to say I’m glad I gave this one a chance, as it was a great watch!

The Plot

Screamers opens up on the mining planet of Sirius 6B (presumably a flow on from the first movie). Earth has run out of energy resources so they mine other planets and transport it back to earth. Screamers falls nicely into the Sci Fi/ Horror crossover category which allows for plenty of gore and cool space age special effects.

On this planet the scientists designed “Screamers” which are like little search and destroy drones that kill anything in its path. They were used to pacify a civil war that broke out on the planet when the miners revolted. However these “Screamers” ended up killing everyone on the planet. Fast forward a few more years to the current movie and someone has sent out an SOS from the planet. Are there still humans on the planet? The Screamers are thought to have run out of fuel years ago and laying dormant, but there’s no confirmation of this either. So a crew of bounty hunters / troops are sent to investigate and retrieve any survivors.

The crew find some survivors but they also find out the screamers are still functioning and have evolved into a new level of killing technology. Can they rescue the survivors? Can they survive themselves? Thats where you have to watch the movie to find out!

Overall Screamers The Hunting is a really cool movie. I haven’t seen the first one but this flowed well enough that you don’t need to. If you liked Aliens, AVP, Starship Troopers this is definitely worth your time to check out. The Gore is top notch and the space scenes and tech stuff look absolutely stunning. Not sure what the budget for this one is but someone has definitely put some good time and effort into this.

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