Year of Release
StarringPeter cushing

Shockwaves is a movie I’d never seen about or heard much about before. Starring cult horror actor Peter Cushing and coming in a really nice looking box set I thought I’d have to watch this.

Shockwaves revolves around the Nazi’s and the premise they were breeding zombies from deceased soldiers. Not bad. It had my interest from the start. Unfortunatley the zombies still lurk under the oceans off the shore of florida. The film actually opens with the rescue of a young woman Rose, who is disorientated. The Crew try to ascertain exactly what happened. The film is a flash back account of the events that occurred.

The young lady’s story recalls her ship mates getting lost and navigating through a strange orange fog. The next morning they come across and old shipwreck. The crew disembark on the nearby island where they are attacked by the sea dwelling undead.

Overall, this movie is well produced and a decent watch. I like going back and watching these old films. Some hold up better than others, and this did not hold up particularly well in my opinion. There is virtually no gore either. I feel it needed a little more action to keep this exciting but that’s my major complaint. It’s not an all time classic by any stretch, but definitely a cool way to kill a couple of hours. My copy of this also looks a little grainy to be honest. Im not sure what the film was originally shot in, but it doesn’t hold up as well on todays Hi definition Television screens.

be sure to keep checking back on on a regular basis!