Shrooms was this weeks movie. I’d never heard much about it before so I went into it totally blind.

The story of this one revolves around a group of young adults who decide to try hallucinogenic mushrooms. The decide to take a weekend away and go to the forest to get away from it all. On the drive in they of course hit a wayward goat. A couple of strange locals appear to salvage the meat. Anyway our crew settle in and camp at a near by lake. Just when you think the usual late teen early adult hijinks ensue (sex, drinking, drugs etc…) it basically departs from the typical slasher film as soon as one of the girls injests a death cap mushroom and starts tripping. Its not long before tensions mount between the lads and something or someone starts picking the campers off one by one in what is probably the biggest slahser cliche of all time. Are they hallucinating or is it real? I guess you’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Overall, Shrooms is somewhat of a departure from the normal horror film. The film is well made and produced and enjoyable the whole way through. The psychedelic drug aspect allows for some trippy horror scenes as well. This does give the film an air of originality as well. Overall I really enjoyed this one and think its definitely worth any horror fans’ time to check it out.

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