Year of Release2018
DirectorSylvain White

Slender Man is a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a while, but never saw it in shops or on sale anywhere. Netflix to the rescue!


The slender man started off as a kind of mini internet phenomenon. Basically He was a meme on one of the Something Awful or Creepy Pasta sites. He came along with a creepy but convincing backstory as well, so he went viral. It captured the imaginations of people at the time (2008-2009 I believe) and I do remember giving a few people the creeps at the time. Even giving some parent groups and schools cause for concern. The marketing hype this thing created was beyond brilliant. Someone had to step up to plate, so to speak and create a movie about this brilliant character.


Slender Man revolves around a group of fairly normal teenage girls. They hear of legends of the Slender Man who apparently comes after children. He is mysterious, obviously with the name he has he is tall, and skinny and he would appear to have no face. Is he a myth? An Historical figure no longer relevant to the current times, or can he come back? Anyway the girls gather at one of the friends houses, and have a few drinks. Curiosity gets the better of them and they start researching the myths online. The girls naively click on a link that allows them to summon him. At first they think its just a creepy joke, but as in all movies that is short lived as the kids stat to realise that this may be more than just a joke. One by one the girls disappear. Can the girls save themselves from him/ I guess you’ll have to watch the movie yourself to find out!


Production wise this is rather top notch in my humble opinion. The plot is well written and the story quite convincing. It ropes you in from the start. The horror effects are not over the top either. There’s not huge amounts of gore in the film but the effects when they are there, are stunning. I’m not are of seeing the girls in the film before, so I’m assuming they’re all basically unknown actors but they all do a good job o their respective roles.

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