Year of Release1986

Well this movie, Splatter was a nice little surprise! Splatter was an old VHS I found in my garage during a clean up. Cover looked cool, but I’d never heard of the film. In the old VCR she went. To my surprise the tape had held up rather well. I started watching for a bit and couldn’t work out if it was a movie or a documentary about the special effects make up that goes into making a horror film.

Eventually, I decided to start the film again and focus a little more this time. If we’re being honest I didn’t really have high hopes for the film, it looked soooo budget and cheap that I only really gave it a half arsed-viewing initially. It didn’t get the attention it deserved. On second attempt I figured out it was a mockumentary about a fictional horror film and the work that went into making it from a behind the scenes perspective. This made the film make a lot more sense as well.

The verdict

As a movie, this isn’t great. As a doco it’s not that great either. But, As a mockumentary this is actually really cool. If you don’t take it too seriously you and sit back with a beer and enjoy the blood, guts and boobs in all their glory. The gore is actually pretty top notch too, as are the babes who seem to drop their clothes at any given opportunity. It’s also a different perspective on the horror film, which after reviewing over 300 of them for this blog was something I sorely needed.

Over all Splatter isn’t a life changing watch. It’s mildly educational getting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a horror film and over all I enjoyed this one a lot! I don’t know what your chances of actually finding a copy of this anywhere are, as I’d never heard of it at the time when VHS were the current tech. I doubt very seriously Splatter warranted a reprint on DVD or BR either. For your pleasure I’ve found an upload you can check out in all its grainy VHS glory (probably the way it looks best anyway)!

(Click the image for the movie link)

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