Year of Release1996
Original Story byStephen King

I guess pretty much everyone reading this is aware and probably a fan of Stephen King. This time round it’s Stephen Kings THINNER that gets the Gorenography treatment.

This is a really cool story from a master story teller revolving around Billy and his wife and family. Billy is vastly overweight weighing in at over 300 pounds when his (rather hot) wife suggests he sheds a few for his own health sake. Whilst on the weight loss trail Billy runs over an old gypsy woman and kills her. Being a lawyer and tight with the proceeding judge, he gets off scott free. That is when the gypsy woman’s husband comes up and places a gypsy curse on Billy. A curse, where the more he eats the more weight he looses.

Whilst Billy was massively overweight he can only stand to loose “X” amount of weight before he either died or falls gravely ill. How far does the weightloss go for Billy? Well You’ll just have to watch the movie to find out!

All in all Stephen Kings Thinner is a great watch. One of those movies you can’t stop watching once you start. It engrosses the viewer from start to finish. You really feel like you’ve watched a great film after this movie ends. I can’t recommend it enough.

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