Year of Release1999
StarringPatricia Arquette, Gabriel Byrne
Patricia Arquette, Gabriel Byrne

Stigmata is one of those DVD’s I’d had sitting in the DVD collection for years but never bothered to put on. Shame, becuase it was a pretty cool watch. Not heavy on the gore but definitely entertaining with a great storyline and some star power with Patricia Arquette and Gabrielle Byrne.

Stigmata follows the exploits of party girl, Fraqnkie (arquette) who is gifted a rosary from her mum who acquired it on a holiday in south America. Only problem is she bought it off a young street merchant who stole it from the body of a deceased priest. The priest was much loved by his parishners. When he died a statue of the virgin Mary in his church started mysteriously bleeding. Andrew is a young priest who wants to investigate the phenomena. He is denied the opportunity by the church. As fate would have it his path crosses with young Frankie who is attacked by a mysterious forces and starts to display the stigmata herself. At first frankie rejects the idea of the stigmata. However repeated attacks start to convince her something sinister is at work. Can Andrew help young Frankie? Well I guess you’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Arquette and Byrne both put in great performances. The plot whilst supernatural in nature, is still believable. THe movie is also quite watchable. Over all this is a pretty cool affair. For some reason it got some less than flattering reviews but I thought it was pretty cool. To be fair im a fan of dark religious movies and I might be a little biased.

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