Succubus is another one of my second hand finds. I have to say shopping this way has built up a huge array of movies for me for virtually no cost. Stuff I wouldn’t have been able to afford to take a punt on at full price or even find. Truth be known I didn’t expect a whole lot from this film. It (like many others before it) looked really budget.


The story itself follows a couple of high school graduates with more money than brains, who decide to go party in Cancun. Standard issue plot but at least it starts out with whole bunch of bikini clad women. One of the boys, Adam, sets his sights on a particularly attractive brunette named Lillith. Lillith is dark, mysterious and sexy as hell itself. Adams hormones get the better of him and it’s not long before things get hot and steamy. Lillith definitely leaves her mark on him. She takes a shining to Adam and follows him home and drowns his girlfriend. As the mystery to who Lillith actually is deepens the boys find themselves in a world of trouble as Lillith begins to drain his life and everything around him.

Succubus as a movie itself is reasonably well shot. You don’t feel like you’re just wasting an hour and a half of your life by watching it. While I said it wasn’t bad, there are definitely a lot of films you need to watch before you spend time on this one. The movie itself is more like a Teen flick, say like 90210 or buffy but with a bit more sex, violence and childish occultism thrown in. Its not a stinker but definitely not a thinker either. The girls are hot and it makes for a solid B grade watch, and a semi-reasonable way to waste a lazy afternoon. THere’s also a bit of a guest appearance towards the end from Gary Busey, which is kind of a highlight of the film.

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