Year of Release2022
DirectorDamien Leone

Damn! This was one hell of a ride! It was time to settle into Terrifier 2. Terrifier one was one brutal mutha of a film. One of the most violent films ever made. Not one of the best, but one of the most violent. How was part 2 going to stack up? Well let me tell you….

Producer Damien Leone obviously went into this with a bit more of a budget. This is by no means a big budget film but there was obviously more time, money and thought put into this one than the previous effort. Anyway after the last film concluded, it would appear that Art the clown is still kicking around. Its now halloween the following year and the memories of the last rampage that Art went on are still fresh in the minds of the residents.

The film revolves around a family consisting of a mother and 2 kids. The boy Jonathon is planning on wearing his “Art the Clown” costume to school for Halloween. Older sister, Sienna very strongly advises against it, figuring it could trigger a really bad response in the town folk. Sienna has spent the last few months designing a costume that featured in artwork that her late Dad produced. It’s a battle angel superhero type thing and Sienna looks pretty babe-a-licious in it I have to say!

I’m not sure exactly what conspired to bring back Art from the dead but he kills the coroner and embarks on his rampage again. He of course stops off at a laundromat to wash his duds, where there’s an interesting scene of Art fantasising about a female clown. I couldn’t follow what this was about either. This is where I have to say the film in many parts was disjointed and certains aspects of the story just didn’t make sense.

Jonathon begins to see things and suspects Art is back, again some of this didn’t make sense but its starting to bring up an otherworldy “Nightmare on Elm Street” vibe. This is pretty cool and makes for some amazing visuals. As suspected either way however Art came back, he’s back and the ensuing rampage is bloody, violent and disgusting. What follows is some of the most violent and gruesome killings ever produced. This is seriously on par with “Cannibal Holocaust” but with much more modern production. If a film is in danger of being banned or inspiring moral outrage this is it. This is definitely the most extreme film I’ve seen in a long time. Depending on what offends you it may be the most violent film you’ve ever seen. Either way, once again this is not for the faint hearted.

Overall this is a much better effort, despite the disjointed-ness of the plot. The female girl clown is cool and this could be an awesome spin off as well. The violence is full on and graphically quite amazing. Whoever thought of these killings (im assuming Leone) is quite possibly a bit messy in the head, but it makes for an awesome gore-fest. Overall if you’re into what i’d call extreme horror, this is for you. If you’re a newbie to horror, leave this one alone. If you’re game to watch it, leave your brains at the door and don’t think too hard about the plot holes, as there a few. Sit back in grotesque revulsion at the sick-fest that is Terrifier 2.

On a side note, I’d be curious to see what Leone does next, as this film had a budget of $250,000 and grossed over $10 million fairly quickly after release. Hopefully with a further increased budget and distribution network we can see another step up in production values and gore filled extremity.

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