Year of Release2022
DirectorDavid Blue Garcia

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 was always going to be a contentious one. How does one recreate the atmosphere of a legendary movie from almost 50 years ago?

For what is worth, I think the creators of this one have come up with a fresh take on this. It’s of course never going to be better than the original. I was too young at the time of release of the original but I saw it as a teenager in the late 80’s. At the time the film was still an extreme horror movie which had a huge impact on most people that saw it.


Plot wise it follows on almost 50 years later where a bunch of teenagers (in keeping with current times they are of course internet influencers) who are driving through texas with the bright idea of sprucing up an old abandoned town and flipping the properties. They seem to have somewhat good intentions of bringing the town back to life, whilst of course filling their own pockets in a substantial way. One of the properties they teenagers are looking at selling is still being occupied even though the house had been foreclosed. Unfotunatley for our teenagers they stumbled on a house being occupied by an old lady of course her son, Leatherface.

The police remove both the old lady and her son from the house. The old lady dies in police custody and her son kills the arresting officers a sadistically efficient manner and absconds. Thus beginning a truely epic killing spree to avenge the death of his mother.

I didn’t go into this with any knowledge of what the plot would be like either, so I assumed it would be a remake of the original film. Turns out it was more of a continuation of the legacy. I won’t go too far into that for fear of ruining the plot for you, but it did add to the air of authenticity of the movie, rather than just being a blatant cash grab.


Overall, I have to say I quite liked this one. I’d also seen a lot of negativity online about this film so went in with virtually no expectations. I thought the movie was entertaining enough, the acting was cool enough for a movie like this. Theres some plot twists and and the violence is absolutely top notch. The original film whist being fairly extreme in nature for the time, could never portray the violence like todays modern day Hi-Def cameras and CGI technology can. This of course could have also been a sore point with many of the purists that didn’t like this film.

Overall I had a great time watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022. Don’t listen to the purists, I think if you go in with no expectations you’ll have a fun time watching this. Without spoiling anything, the scene near the end of the movie with the busload of tourists is truely epic as well. One of the best killing scenes I’ve seen in a long time. Something that can only really be acheived with the use of current technology.

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