The Belko Experiment

Whoa! The Belko Experiment is one freaky film!


The plot revolves around a highly secure office building with something like 80 employees. They come to work on this day like they do everyday. They suspect nothing of the sinister experiment that they are about to be a part of. The high tech building they occupy suddenly goes under lockdown. A malevolent voice over the public address system informs them they are trapped as hostages in the building. They will need to kill 2 of the unfortunate occupants or 4 more people will be killed by the captors. The workers of course think its a prank until the first 4 of the workers are killed in a most gruesome fashion.

As the day progresses they workers are informed that 30 of the 76 or so left must die or the captors will kill 60 of the inhabitants of the building. Tensions of course mount and survival instincts kick in.


This movie is not for the faint hearted and its also a tense watch. One of the first movies in while that really unsettled me. The violence levels in the film are fairly hectic too making this one pretty grim.

The Belko Experiment is an interesting look at the human psyche. More importantly what happens when you put that psyche under pressure in a fight or flight / kill or be killed situation. Over all this really did rattle me a little and while I guess that is the purpose of a horror film. These days it really takes a bit to unsettle me but this one managed to do just that. If you’re in the mood for a good ‘scare’ for lack of a better word this film is just the ticket. Definitely worth checking out.

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