THE BLOB (1988)

Year of Release1988
StarringShawnee Smith

Well, The Blob was a nice bit of fun! This is the remake of the 1950’s blob… I haven’t seen that one yet so I can’t comment on the age old question of  “Is it better than the original?” but this one was a great watch, the plot is fairly simple but the action keeps it moving along nicely!

Basically the plot revolves around a foreign object (spacecraft of some kind) that falls to earth and some sort of gelatinous ooze (the Blob) escapes and starts feeding on humans that are unfortunate enough to come across its path. The blob is translucent and feeds by acidicly dissolving and consuming whatever it attaches itself to which of course makes for some great horror effects. One by one it feeds on its prey until the whole town is cordoned off by biohazard troops, and it’s up to a couple of teenagers to stop it from consuming the whole town.

Like I said fairly simple fun and it stars a very young Shawnee Smith who later went on to star in the SAW films (and Becker, Anger Management etc..) as one of the teenagers. The acting and production is quite ok, but there horror effects are pretty cool, and hold up well to this day. The fashion senses are of a distinctly 80’s groove so there’s plenty of mullets and hi top sneakers to keep us all amused at that glorious era of horror and fashion. While there is a little gore in this one its nothing too serious and people that may not be into horror should be able to enjoy this as well as your younger, more impressionable horror fans

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