Year of Release
DirectorNicholas Mastandrea
StarringMichelle Rodriguez, Taryn Manning, Oliver Hudson

The Breed is a later Production effort from master horror director Wes Craven (A nightmare on Elm St, Scream and The Hills have Eyes amongst others). In true Craven style this is pretty cool. It’s not in the same league as say, A Nightmare on Elm Street but still, I have to say I enjoyed it. I should re-emphasise that Craven didn’t actually direct this film. Some guy called Nicholas Mastandrea directed it. I think he did a pretty good job. I’m also sure Craven had more than a passing role in this. A lot of this seems to fit well within his style. Craven has always spun a great tale and has also managed to assemble great casts for his movies. Again this one is no exception with the always cute Michelle Rodriguez, Taryn Manning (later on Orange is the New Black) starring with Oliver Hudson (from Rules of Engagement TV series). Great Cast for even a hollywood movie, let alone a horror film.


The plot to this one is fairly straight forward. A bunch of teenagers take a private jet to an island presumably owned by one of the gangs parents for an end of year college festivities. Hardly orginal (well I guess the idea of the island is fairly original). Anyway the group settle in to the island for a weekend of partying and cliche’d horror movie sex. Little do they know there is a pack of wild dogs that inhabit the island. We all know how this is going to end. Like I said before this isn’t really breaking any new ground so far but its a great watch.

The group get picked off one by one by the above mentioned group of wild dogs that inhabit the island. They seem to be a lot more organised and intelligent than their domesticated counterparts and prove to be a worthy opponents to the group of teenagers. Can the group or anyone in it get off the island or stop the dogs? Well thats where you guys have to watch the movie for yourselves to find out.


Over all I enjoyed The Breed. It wasn’t too much of a thinker and easy to follow. There’s nothing much in the way of sex or nudity so you can watch it with your kids but the gore is fairly decent but again not too much that it should disturb a teenager.

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